Little Delights has experience looking after Budgies, Parrots, Cockatiels and Cockatoos.

On each visit we can: feed, give treats, refresh the water, clean cages, add newspaper to the bottom tray, handle and let the bird/s out if required.

We can supply you with 20 minuet or 45 minuet visits depending on your needs and routines.

As with all or services we can:

  • Open and close the curtains
  • Alternate lights
  • Put out the bins
  • Pick up/Take in the post
  • Purchase pet food if it runs low
  • Do security checks on doors and windows
  • Check side gates and sheds
  • Ensure vehicles are secure
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants

Give us a call at 086 040 1020 for more information or email: