Cat Care Package

The first question your sitter will ask at the meet and greet is ''What would you like me to do during the visits''.

You can explain your routine with you cat/s and we will follow this closely. This will mean that your cat/s will be comfortable in their own surroundings, while receiving their food/refreshed water and play at a time that they are used to.

We will feed your cat/s according to your instruction and give them their treats as required.

We will service the litter tray on every visit, removing toilet waste and refreshing/replacing the litter as per your requirements. Waste litter will be removed and placed in your bin outside. We will also clean up any litter that the cat kicks out or walks out of the tray.

If you are delayed on your return from holidays (flight cancelled/weather conditions) you can contact us and we will keep doing visits until your return.

If your cat/s require medication, we have experienced sitters who can administer the medication as per your instructions, We can inject and give tablets for example.

As with all or services we can:

  • Open and close the curtains
  • Alternate lights
  • Put out the bins
  • Pick up/Take in the post
  • Purchase pet food if it runs low
  • Do security checks on doors and windows
  • Check side gates and sheds
  • Ensure vehicles are secure
  • Water indoor and outdoor plants

Cat Care customers who book a morning visit between 9am and 11am and an evening visit between 4pm and 7pm daily, can get this service starting at €20 per day.

Please Note: We charge the same rate for 1 to 4 cats.

Contact Adrian today on: 086 040 1020 or email: