General Terms & Conditions

1. No booking is confirmed until a meet and greet has been completed for services relating to travelling to your home.. 
2. Payments
a. Ad Hoc dog walks an overnight stays must be paid before or on the day of the walk.
b. Weekly dog walks – must be paid on the last visit of the week on receipt of the amount agreed.
c. On-going regular dog walks – payments may be made monthly if agreed.
d. Dog home boarding payments are due before or on the day of collection by cash or Revolut only..

e When a booking is made weeks or longer in advance of the start date, a 30% deposit to secure the dates is required.  

f. Customers are required to settle their account immediately when advised of the amount either verbally or by text. There are no credit facilities provided for our services.

g. Little Delights will make every effort to accommodate late bookings. Schedules are issued to staff in advance of the day of service. A late booking fee of 10 euro will apply where short notice is possible. 

h. Payment is accepted by Cash, Revolut or Bank Transfer for regular dog walks. (if time permits).

I.  Prices agreed with the customer where regular walks apply, are for regular walks only. Should there be a reduction or a change in service not advised and agreed by both parties, different costs will apply and be advised by Little Delights. Prices displayed on this website are a guideline to regular repeat visits. 

j.  If we arrive to provide pet sitting or dog walking services and the animal is not available, a full charge will apply.

k.  In the event of any booking regardless of the animal type being cut short, non transferable credit will be given to the customer to go forward to the next booking. There are no refunds. The credit will last for a period of six months at which time if it hasn't been used, it will be null and void. Little Delights services are in high demand and the dates you booked were reserved for you with no access to other customers.

 4. The client must provide an additional contact name and number for someone capable/authorised to make decisions relating to their pets in case of an emergency and the client is not contactable. If a contact is not available, Little Delights reserves the right to consult with a vet (clients own if possible) and then make decisions that are in the best interest for your pet. This applies when the customer is away.
5. Little Delights should be advised of any behavioural problems and medical conditions your pets have prior to service starting at the Meet and Greet. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of any future bookings.

6. Where Little Delights hold keys for regular customers, the customer is required to supply two keys. This is to accommodate the back-up service.
7. Little Delights is fully insured, but would recommend the client also has insurance for their pet.
8. Little Delights will not hold the client liable for any personal injury to Little Delights staff sustained as a result of the actions of their pet.

9. Cancellations for periods of one or two days must be advised a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Cancellations for a holiday period for an number of weeks must be advised a minimum of three weeks in advance of the holiday start date. Failure to do so will result in a full charge for the cancelled walk/s.
10. Little Delights would advise that all pets be fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and de-fleaed. Worming of your dog at regular interval is also recommended.
11. Only treats and food provided by the customer will be given to your pet on your clear instruction. 
12. Dogs will be walked on leads at all times. Leads, Harnesses and Towels should be left out and clearly visible for the sitter to use.

12a.  Backup pet sitters will be used to ensure the continuity of the service. This will happen to cover staff holidays, sickness, vehicle breakdowns, busy schedules and any other situation which may arise.  Where as we will endeavor to maintain the same sitter working with your pet/s, Little Delights reserves the right to change the sitter assigned to your pet/s at any time.

13. Little Delights will walk one dog at any given time. If there is an additional dog in the same household requiring walks, an extra cost may apply. Please note: We do not walk or care for third party animals meaning animals owned by some other person or persons who is not the customer we enter in to a contract with.

13a. Arrival and departure times may vary for the visits depending on conditions. Times can be effected by circumstances beyond our control, which include traffic conditions, weather conditions, sick animals, etc. Where as we always do our best to be as close as possible to the customers agreed time expectation, flexibility is required in order for the service to work and the customer will be advised at the meet and greet stage of this. Please note: These situations are exceptions and not the normal operational mode.

14. All food/cat litter must be left by the client, with exact feeding arrangements agreed with Little Delights. If there is a requirement for any additional food, litter or other consumables to be bought by Little Delights, time shopping and purchases will be advised and billed to the client.
15. All precautions will be put in place to ensure the safety of your home, however, Little Delights cannot be held responsible for any burglary or accidents caused outside of our remit.
16. In regard to the pet transportation, all small pets must be presented in a suitable animal carrier/restraint.
17. The term "Pet Transportation" refers to the transportation of pets only.  
18. Where the customer or other persons such as relatives, friends, contractors, etc. are at or in the property at the time of the sitter arriving for the visits, Little Delights must be informed of their presence prior to the visit.  Our staff have walked in on robberies taking place in the past and notifying us of people at the home is necessary. This is required to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of service.  All other key holders using or attending the property must also be identified to Little Delights should there be a possibility of then entering the property. 

19. The staff at Little Delights always pick up after the dog they are walking. We would ask the client to ensure that there are poo bags available for use.

20. At Christmas a surcharge of 20% applies.

21. The first key collection is free.  If multiple visits are required to collect keys, a fee will apply.

22. A text will be sent to the customer after or during each visit unless the customer has asked to cancel this part of the service. The customer should be aware that there may be mobile network issues which delay this text. The sender or the receiver of the text may also be in a black spot. Preprogrammed web text may also be used to advise the customer of the visit. Standard texts will advise the customer that the walk is/has taking/taken place. In the event that the customer needs to be contacted, management will phone the customer directly or contact the customers back up contact.  We can also use Whatsapp to contact customers.

23. By hiring Little Delights for your Dog Walking and Pet Sitting you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions.  Access to the Terms and Conditions will be available on this website and from the link attached to the visit confirmation texts sent after your scheduled visits.

24. Any and all changes to the service you receive must be agreed with the management of Little Delights prior to the changes taking place. Dog walkers and pet sitters are not authorized to make changes to the service or discuss costs. Please contact Adrian directly to discuss. 

25. Customers are not permitted to record footage by security camera, phone, drone or any other monitoring devices to track or observe Little Delights staff without the prior permission of Little Delights Management. Doing so without permission will be deemed a breach of the personal data privacy of the individual. Posting images of Little Delights Staff on social media is also not permitted. 

26. Our staff travel by car from walk to walk. Where paid parking is the only option the cost of same will be added to the rates we charge.

27. Unless otherwise agreed no service will be given on Bank Holidays for regular dog walking customers. We are available 365 days of the year.

28.  We do not accept written or typed notes as a means of communicating information to Little Delights. Contact Adrian for all matters.

29. Where Little Delights staff are required to give medication to an animal, detailed written instructions and/or deminstrations are required and must be agreed before the service commences. 

30.  Little Delights may take a photo of your pet for our Facebook page or other media.

Customers can access these terms and conditions from the link at the bottom of texts received from Little Delights.  By booking the service you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions listed.